Technical Operations Support

Job description

About GRID esports:

At GRID we're engaged to build and mature esports data across our platform. Whether it's recording the first hit on a Roshan, the player location on the pursuit of a bomb plant, or something more familiar like fixture data, our approach is always the same. Disciplined towards a game-agnostic data design, we aim to accelerate the consumption and distribution for our partners and to our consumers respectively.

GRID places itself at the centre of the data ecosystem within esports, bringing value en masse to Publishers, Tournaments, Teams, and Broadcasts. Creating exciting products and initiatives tailored towards making the very most of the rights held data available to us. Our core business works with server data, which is rich, granular, and fast. This is our future, and we're extremely motivated in our pursuit to realise it.

Our culture is our most prized asset across the business, and if you're driven by your own initiative to succeed you'll fit well within the GRID team. We offer a challenge culture that is cloaked in respect and honesty towards our fellow employees. We reach decisions by consensus and logic, together.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • At GRID you'll be working with leading Tournaments and Publishers in the esports space. Part of your tasks shall be to be in direct communication with the partners and integrate their data onto the GRID platform.
  • On the boarding of data from GRID's partners, the technical operations role shall also include the management of distribution. You'll be working with an array of consumers to help guide their integrations and get the most out of the esports data provided for them.
  • Within GRID Technical Operations you'll be the last line of defense and be deeply involved in the analysis of issue to try and protect GRID's development resource. An analytical mind that likes to learn new things and problem solve shall thrive within the role.
  • If you have former experience in coding or development, even at a base level. This is likely to serve you well within the role and you'll be given the opportunity to grow these skills to add value on ring fenced projects through the team. This isn't essential though for the day to day responsibilities of Tech Ops.
  • You'll be tasked to report and provide iterations of said reports against GRID's ever expanding service.
  • At GRID we work in both Jira and Confluence, and are big on documentation being the driving force towards the foundation of stable growth. Your work within these tools shall help guide and manage the corresponding efforts across the business.

      Job requirements

      • A good understanding of all esport titles with an in depth understanding of CS:GO and Dota 2
      • Admin experience for Dota 2 and/ or CS:GO is a plus
      • Coding/ developer skills is a plus
      • Being able to work under pressure and late evenings/ weekends if required
      • Previous experience working in support 
      • Hungry to learn and build understandings of coding and game mechanics

      What you will receive from us:

      • A great company culture, working with international colleagues who are passionate about what they do just as much as you are 

      • The ability to see the impact of your work from day 1, solve problems and see what you build put to immediate use 

      • Help create something new in an expanding niche, enhance your personal and development goals

      • Ability to self express and the freedom to work independently 

      • After work game sessions 

      • Learn from your intelligent and experienced teammates

      • An environment where people love building quality software and want to discuss in depth the approaches that allow us to do so 

      • An open-to-improvement mentality where contribution from anyone is welcome 

      • A yearly development budget to use for conferences and courses